About Dubai

Why Dubai?

Visit Dubai for the contrasts between the wind towers and the emirates towers, the souks and shopping malls, sailing on a dhow and the sails of the Burj Al Arab.

Best time to visit

About Dubai Straddling the Tropic of Cancer, the UAE is warm and sunny in winter and hot and humid during the summer months. You can’t really go wrong if you visit any time between November and March, as you’re virtually guaranteed beautiful weather every day. June to September can be unbearably hot and humid during the day, although hotel bargain deals can still make it an attractive proposition.

Renowned for

Shopping Sightseeing
World-class buildings Restaurants

Dubai is served by

Dubai International Airport, 3 miles from the city, with direct flights operating from Heathrow, Gatwick, City and Stansted airports.


About Dubai Haggling is a tradition in Dubai’s souks and independent shops, and it really is rare to pay the full price on the tag – if there is one. Most shopkeepers will quote you a figure saying that it is the price ‘before discount’. Even the ‘best price’ isn’t necessarily as low as you can go. A common rule is to initially ask for half the quoted price.

Alternative Perspectives

Despite Dubai’s rapid development, just a short distance from the city, numerous small villages still live the lives of the Bedouin and dress in the traditional way.

Must see

About Dubai Symptomatic of massive development throughout the 1980s and 1990s Dubai boasts some great postmodern architecture; the best is perhaps Mercato – a mall made to look like ancient Venice. Afterwards, make a point of travelling to different parts of Dubai by taking Abras – traditional Arabian boats that operate as very cheap water taxis.

Family activities

This is a family-oriented society, with safe beaches and an array of kids’ clubs at the hotels, and serves as an ideal option for parents in search of a worry-free getaway between October and May. Active youngsters will be in their element with scuba-diving, sports parks and water sports all available.

Sports activities

Golf Diving
Windsurfing Surfing
Hiking Sailing

Local customs

Dress Code

Modest dress should be worn when entering places of worship – no-one should be wearing shorts and headscarves should be worn by women.


Israeli travelers are not allowed into the UAE and complications may arise if you have recently been to Israel and have a stamp in your passport.

Public Behavior

It is wise to moderate your amorous behavior in public. While holding hands and kissing on the cheek is acceptable, more passionate displays of affection can result in fines and even arrests.

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