About Us

"Our decision to expand our footprints across Dubai is also a salient reflection of our confidence in the market and its potential to deliver sustained returns. We believe that Dubai continues to offer strong growth prospects in both residential and commercial freehold sectors with soaring demand."

Dheeraj Wadhwan
Managing Director
Dheeraj & East Coast LLC

Dheeraj & East Coast LLC - Giving life to your dreams

Dheeraj & East Coast LLC - Giving life to your dreams Dheeraj & East Cost LLC is a joint venture between Dheeraj Constructions, India & East Coast LLC, Dubai. The group is backed by a combined experience of more than 6 decades.

Our chief mission is to convert land, buildings, bricks and mortar into strategic assets that build and enhance value for all our clients.

We look at the world through our clients' eyes keeping in mind their projected image, culture and requirements. We look beyond the obvious to explore alternatives, before developing solutions that enrich the way people work, live, learn and play.

At Dheeraj & East Coast we play a multifaceted role as developers and designers who undertake construction and delivery risk and also as a Program Managers, representing our client’s interest. Our continuing policy of focusing on what’s right for our clients’, has gone a long way in building enduring relationships.

We envision creating breathtaking modules of superlative luxury for the connoisseurs of lavishness and comfort in the UAE, as well as for those from other countries who are looking for a home in Dubai - the city renowned to reflect future.



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